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ClickBetter is a digital marketplace and payment processor to sell Digital products online. The ClickBetter Marketplace connects the Sellers (Vendors) of digital products to marketers (affiliates) so that their business can reach out to a wider audience...
You can use the Clickbetter Marketplace to sell digital products only. Digital products means any information which is in the form of e-books, music files, software, images, Web site templates, manuals, and any item which can be electronically stored in...
Clickbetter offers two types of accounts: Vendor and Affiliate. Vendor Account If you plan to sell your own products through Cickbetter, you would open a vendor account A vendor or seller is someone who has created a digital or shippable media produc...
The ClickBetter Marketplace allows you to sell digital products like ebooks, audio files, videos and site memberships. We currently have 2 types of products: 1)  REVSHARE stands for 'share revenue' and pays a set percentage amount for each sale the Aff...
You can sign up for an Affiliate or Vendor Account using the link below: []
If you wish to contact our support team, please SUBMIT A TICKET [] via our helpdesk. You can also call us on our US CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE: 1-800-719-1832 CUSTOMER FAX NUMBER: +44 (0) 2890 020522 MA...