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ClickBetter Account Linking
Posted by John D on 01 May 2020 12:39 PM

As a vendor, you might need more than one accounts at ClickBetter and now we make it easy to check them all at once from a single log in.


To link your ClickBetter accounts, log in to any account which you wish to use as a master account. Once logged in, visit sell (my products)->settings tab.


Under "Link ClickBetter Accounts" sub tab, enter ClickBetter username of the account you wish to link.


Once you click submit, a new field will show asking you for secure code which is a code which will be sent to the other account registered email ID. As soon as you enter that secure code on page and click submit, the two accounts will link and you will start seeing "Currently Logged In As Username" drop down on top of your header (below main menu).


You can select any account to switch between accounts directly from here without logging in to the other account.


Please note that you can delete the accounts linked only from master account and not other account(s).


If you have any questions, please email us at