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Adding One Click Upsell Links To ClickFunnel Pages
Posted by John D on 22 August 2019 02:34 PM

A lot of vendors nowadays use ClickFunnel to power their sales funnel. And for vendors using one click upsell feature of ClickBetter, its very important to ensure the links for one click upsell are made clickable only once to ensure no duplicate charges. In this article, you will learn to make your one click upsell payment buttons or links on ClickFunnel sales pages clickable only once.


First of all, log in to your ClickFunnel account and proceed to edit the upsell page and follow the steps below.


On the page editor, where you wish to put the one click link or image button for buyers, click on + (add section) icon. Once you click it, you will see the below window.


Add Element ClickFunnel



Click on "Custom JS/HTML" and a new section would be added to your page. Please note that this section will hold your one click upsell payment link/image so add this section at the bottom of the page or if you wish to insert one click upsell payment links/images in between your upsell sales letter, please split the sales page into 2 separate sections and add this new custom JS/HTML section in between those 2 sections so you can use it to insert one click upsell payment links.


Now after adding the section, click on it and the below window will be presented to you.


Custom JS HTML Section ClickFunnel


Please ensure the top margin is set to 0 and custom code type as Regular HTML/JS. Now click on open code editor and follow the instructions below for adding upsell payment image(button) or links respectively.


Buttons/Images For One Click Upsell


If you are using a button (image) for one click upsell payment, then you can use the code shown in below window and edit it accordingly as per your needs. Here you will need to make sure that the image size for the payment button you are using is resized to match the dimensions of the sales page because if it will not match, there will be gap on the either side of the payment button and the rest of the sales page section(s). Also change the to the one click upsell payment link for your product and IMAGE URL to your upsell payment button image.



1CU Image Code ClickFunnel



Links For One Click Upsell


If you are simply using links for one click upsell payment, you can use the code below and edit it accordingly as per your needs. Please ensure you change the payment link in the code below to reflect the link for your one click upsell product payment link.



Link Code 1CU ClickFunnel



Once you add the code, save it and preview the page. On preview page you can see that your one click upsell payment image button or links are clickable only once. Congratualtions, you are eligible to be approved for one click payments on for your account. To get the approval or if you have any questions, please email

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