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Change Rebill Price For Your Buyers
Posted by John D on 05 August 2016 04:13 PM

With ClickBetter Rebill API, now its possible to change the price of a future rebill for an order of your products for a buyer. To do this, simply send a HTTP or HTTPS GET request to the below API endpoint with parameters explained.

API Endpoint:

GET Parameters to send:


1) orderid - This parameter should contain numeric order ID of the initial rebill order, that is, the very first order of the rebill purchase.


2) amount - Amount in the format XX or XX.XX which should be the future rebill(s) price.


3) apikey - A numeric API key which can be requested and found inside your ClickBetter account.

So for example:

the above request will change future rebill price of initial order ID 123456789 to $9.99


The API would return the below EXACT messages which you can parse for your use.

"Error: Invalid Order ID" - Invalid orderid parameter (must be numeric ClickBetter order ID)

"Error: Invalid Rebill Amount" - Invalid amount parameter (must be XX or XX.XX format and numbers only)

"Error: Invalid API Key" - Invalid api key (must be numeric and must match your ClickBetter account API key)

"Error: No Active Rebills" - The orderid you provided has no active future rebills

"Success: Future Rebills Updated" - The future rebills price have been updated successfully


If you have any questions on the above, please email or for any other non technical vendor assistance, email