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Whitelist IPs For Pixel Tracking Of Your CPA Campaign
Posted by John D on 23 January 2016 03:19 PM

If you are using pixel (image) tracking where you use vip.gif URL then you also need to whitelist the IP(s) of the server of page where you have posted the pixels. To whitelist the IP(s), simply follow the steps below.


1. Log in to your ClickBetter account and visit your campaigns page.


2. Click on edit campaign link (name of the campaign) of the campaign for which you would like to whitelist the IP(s).


3. On edit campaign page, you will see a field with name "Allowed server IP address", add the IP(s) there. If more than one IP, just separate them with comma (,) like,,3.33.333.3


If you have any issues whitelisting IPs for your campaign after following the steps above then please email with the IPs and your campaign ID for help in whitelisting.