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Instant Sale Notification (ISN) For Affiliates (CPA)
Posted by John D on 12 October 2015 06:36 PM

Our CPA Advertisers can set and receive Instant Sale Notifications (IPN). Similarly, ClickBetter allows CPA affiliates to receive Instant Sale Notifications (ISN) for their CPA sales as soon as they are generated. This can be handy if you wish to notify some other web service as soon as a sale is generated. Possibilities are endless.


How to set and use ISN?


Its real simple. Log in to your ClickBetter account, go to sell/my products page from dashboard, under settings tab on sell page, you will see an option to set ISN.


Send ISN = Set this to yes if you wish to receive the ISN to ISN URL you set below it


ISN URL = Set URL where ISN needs to be sent


ISN Type = This is by default set to POST but you can change it to GET to receive ISN parameters as HTTP GET instead of HTTP POST


ISN Parameters


ISN sends out 4 parameters which are the following:


orderid = ClickBetter CPA Order ID


vendor = ClickBetter Advertiser ID of the CPA transaction


subtid = The tracking ID (if any) you send with the affiliate link which generates the sale


clickid = The ClickID (if any) which generated the sale

Please note that the ISN is sent out on successful CPA sale generation and is sent out for both test and real CPA sales.


If you have any technical issues in setting up ISN or have questions related to it, please contact and for any other account related help, email