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What Kind Of Products Can I Promote Via ClickBetter?
Posted by Charchil G on 16 May 2015 10:41 AM

The ClickBetter Marketplace allows you to promote digital products like ebooks, audio files, videos and site memberships. We currently have 2 types of products:


 1)  RevShare stands for 'share revenue' and pays a set percentage amount for each sale the Affiliate makes. Please note that this percentage is calculated after deducting Clickbetter fees. The Affiliate will then be awarded the percentage of the remaining amount. Also, Affiliates who promote RevShare offers are still liable for refunds. If the customer who purchased the product refunds or requests a chargeback through their bank, the Affiliate will lose that commission.


2)  CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This pays out commission for each sale an Affiliate makes but offers a set fee instead of a percentage payout. This fee is set by the Supplier/Advertiser and is displayed in the Marketplace. Also, Affiliates who make sales through CPA offers are not liable for refunds or chargebacks.