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Changing Membership Plans Of Your Customers
Posted by John D on 21 September 2015 02:39 PM

If you are running a membership site, you might have different membership plans. You may like to give your customers ability to upgrade/downgrade to different plans any time. ClickBetter makes it really simple to do that.


Let's say, for membership plan 1, you have ClickBetter product ID 123 and for membership plan 2, you have ClickBetter product ID 456. Then one customer is presently subsrcribed to plan 1 and would like to upgrade to plan 2. So you need to cancel the customer's plan 1 subscription and generate a new subscription for plan 2.


This can simply be done by sending the customer to the below payment link which is a payment link for plan 2 (ClickBetter product ID 456) which will ask them to pay and subscribe for plan 2 while cancelling their subscription of plan 1 automatically in the backend without sending any IPN to your membership site OR email to customer making it seamless background change of subscriptions.


Upgrade Payment Link (as per our example):




456 = ClickBetter Product ID of the plan the customer wish to subscribe to = Customer email he used to purchase the plan 1


123 = ClickBetter Product ID of the existing plan customer is subscribed to


If you wish to credit an affiliate for the new subscribed plan, simply append "vupgradeaffid=AFFID" to the above link, that is,




AFFID = ClickBetter username of the affiliate you would like to give affiliate commission for the new subscription plan so this affiliate can be different to the initial one


Testing Tip:

Please use two different browsers if you wish to test the above feature by making two different payments for different plans.