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Pay CPA Commissions On Your Rev Share Products
Posted by John D on 25 July 2015 12:42 PM

As a supplier, have you ever wanted to pay out CPA commissions (a fixed amount as commission with no refunds) to your affiliates for promoting your rev share products?


Now with ClickBetter, you can do that easily. ClickBetter allows you to link a rev share product to a CPA campaign so when a purchase of your rev share product is made by a buyer refferred by an affiliate, the affiliate can get CPA commissions instead of a cut in the rev share product price. 


To do this, simply follow the instructions below:


1. Set up a CPA camaign from your ClickBetter account by going over to Sell/My Products->Add CPA Product button.


2. Now edit your existing rev share product or set up a new rev share product and link it with the CPA campaign you just created by going to "Advanced Settings" section on add/edit product page.


3. In that section, select "Link To CPA Campaign" option as "yes" and below it select the campaign ID from the drop down you wish to link you product to.


4. Also, you can set "Debit Revshare Account For Commissions" as "yes" if you wish to pay CPA affiliates from the payments made to your rev share account or you can set it as "no" and pay the CPA invoices separately which we generate for you to pay the affiliates.


Things to note:


=> Please make sure the commission percentage is set to "0%" for your rev share product else you will end up paying both rev share and CPA commissions.


=> The product landing page URL must match the campaign landing page URL to which you wish to link the product to.


If you have any questions related to this feature, please contact or