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How Do I Use ClickBetter's One Click Upsell Feature?
Posted by John D on 20 July 2015 02:24 PM


Do you have upsells apart from your main product?


If so, increase its conversions and take it to a new level by using ClickBetter's one click upsell feature. If your ClickBetter supplier account is approved for this feature, then you can follow the steps below to set up the upsell processing url on your website and your buyers will instanly be charged in one click for upsells which means, no need for them to go to checkout page and fill the info, etc.


If your account is approved for one click upsell then in your upsell products processing url, simply add "?ocu=yes" at the end of the processing url and it will work as an upsell processing url which means, after the intital product sale, the buyer will compelete the checkout of upsell products in just one click!




where 12345 is your upsell product ID.


IMPORTANT: To be approved for 1-Click Upsells you must ensure that either:

1. Your payment button can only be clicked once (example JS code below, download now)




And if you wish to use image instead of the link, you can use the below code (download now):




For a live example, click here.

2. Or, you add an alert prompt that asks buyers to confirm they wish to proceed with their 1-click purchase (example JS code below, download now)



Both options will prevent multiple duplicate orders which is vital to keep your refund and chargeback rates to minimum.


To get your account approved for one click upsell, contact supplier support or if you face any technical issues in implementing one click upsell on your site please contact our technical support at