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Tracking Affiliate Link Traffic
Posted by John D on 03 July 2015 08:11 PM


As an affiliate, you may wish to track the traffic source from where your affiliate sales are coming from. This will help you focus on your most profitable traffic sources.


We at ClickBetter understand that and offer you an easy way to track your affiliate sales traffic. You can do so by just adding a simple parameter at the end of your affiliate link known as "TID" or tracking ID.


So if you are using this affiliate link:


then simply add "TID" at end of it as:




where "TRACKING_ID" could be any string of your choice which will help you track source of your traffic.


Once you set this up, you can see the affiliate sales "TID" by searching your sales or "TID" here:


If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please contact us.