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Adding CPA Sales Manually
Posted by John D on 21 June 2015 12:48 PM

Sometimes due to technial issues at your server, the automatic CPA sale generation might not be happening. In that case, while you are fixing the problem and wish to add some CPA sales manually for your campaigns for ClickBetter affiliates, you can do so by logging in to your ClickBetter account, going over to CPA dashboard, campaigns page and clicking on affiliate setting tab. In the middle of that tab, you will see the section "Add CPA Sales".


Direct link:


However, please keep in mind the points below:


1. The sale will be added at the time of you filling that form and clicking the "Add CPA Sale" button which means as per your campaign settings, affiliate will be paid for that sale on whatever week you have set payouts for your campaign.


2. You can only add sales for active CPA campaigns under your account which will be shown in the drop down.


3. The affilite ID which you need to enter to credit the CPA sale to should be a valid active username of a ClickBetter user.


4. The amount of the sale would be the campaign CPA amount you have set.


5. You cannot enter clickID using this feature, you have to select campaign and enter affiliate ID manually.


In case you face any issues or have any further questions regarding this feature, please contact us.