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What is the difference between CPA API version 1 and API version 2?
Posted by John D on 16 June 2015 08:12 AM

While you are setting up your campaign, you have option to use API version 1 and API version 2. With API version 1, you need to send affiliate ID and campid along with secretkey of your campaign in the tracking method back to ClickBetter API to generate a sale whereas in API version 2, you get a clickid to your landing page and that's the only required thing along with secretkey you need to send back to ClickBetter API to generate a CPA sale.

Also the advantage of API version 2 is having a click ID which never expires, and it means, you can have an affiliate link clicked today and you can store the click ID at your end and even if after a year you have to generate a CPA sale, you can just send clickid with secretkey to ClickBetter API and it will generate the sale without you having to send campid or affiliate ID or unlike in pixel method, depend on COOKIE lifetime for affiliate tracking.